Concrete Chisels

Concrete Chisels

Tile/Floor Scraper SDS Max

Shank type: SDS MAXBlade width: 6”Overall length: 21”Blade type: ReplaceableShank type: Wedge..


4.5 inch Clay Spade SDS Max

Shank type: SDS MaxShank Diameter: ¾”Blade width: 4.5”Overall length: 16”Heat Treated: yes..


4-1/2″ X 18″ Clay Spade 1-1/8″ Hex

Digs clay, Hard-Packed Gravel and dirt18″ OverallOne-Piece Design..


Flat Chisel SDS Max

Shank type: SDS MaxShank Diameter: ¾”Blade width: 2”Overall length: 16”Heat Treated: yes..


4.5″ X 14″ Flat Chisel SDS-Max

4.5″ X 14″ Flat Chisel SDS-Max..


3″ X 12″ Scaling chisel SDS-Max

Hardened Steel bits for use with SDS-Max HammersFor Light chipping and chiseling of tile, Mortar, Glazing compounds and other masonry productsIdeal for Removing large quantities of materialWide Chisel design for quick and easy chiseling and breaking..


3″ x 10″ SDS Plus Scaling Chisel

3″ x 10″ SDS Plus Scaling ChiselForged Tempered SteelMachined 3 Inch Wide EdgeRemoves Tile and Thinset..


3/4″ x 10″ Flate SDS-Plus Chisel

Flat SDS-Plus Hammer chiselDimensions 3/4″ x 10″Proprietary heat treat processFor Concrete and masonry demolition..


2″ X 12″ Tile Chisel SDS-Max

For scraping or removing tile from floors and wallsRemoves material up to 40% Quicker than conventional tile chisels12 inch length and 2 inch wide.One-piece design...


1″ X 16″ Flate chisel SDS-Max

Self Sharpening and less binding 16″ long and 1″ Wide. 15 Percent Higher removal rate compared to standard chisel For use with Demolition and rotary hammers that accept SDS-Max Shank drill bits..


16″ Point chisel SDS Max

Point tip is Self-Sharpening and less binding.Offers 100 Hours of Working time without interruption.For use with SDS-Max Hammers...


10" SDS-Plus Point Chisel

10″ SDS-Plus Point ChiselChisel offers 30% Longer life15% More material removal for faster work rateLength is 10″For use in Chipping hammers and rotary hammers with stop rotation..


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