Pipe Threader

460-6 Portable TRISTAND Chain Vise, 1/8 to 6" Tripod Pipe stand Model 460 12R 300 700

PORTABLE TRISTAND CHAIN VISE |RIDGID CHAIN VISE | TRIPOD PIPE STANDMexX Power 460-6 Portable Tristand Chain vise has an optimized base layout to maximize working area, convenient lug to clamp the weld ground, rugged leg chain for the tough demands an..


811A Die Head, Quick-Opening RH 1/8 to 2" NTP 97065 Fit Ridgid 300 500 535 threader

Attributes & SpecificationBrand: MexX PowerModel: 811A811A Quick-Opening Universal Die Head, Right Hand, NPT.Compatible with Ridgid 97065.Same size and specification as Ridgid 97065.Model 811A Quick-Opening Universal Die Head.Right-hand thread di..


815A Self Open Dies Universal Head 1/8-2 97075 Fit Ridgid 300 535 threader

815A SELF OPEN DIES UNIVERSAL HEAD 1/8-2 97075 FIT RIDGID 300 535 THREADERNEW 815A Universal Self Open Die Head NPT, Right Hand 1/8" - 2".Compatible with Ridgid RIDGID 97075 815A. PART #: RT97075.Ideal if you need to set up a repeatable number of thr..


Hand-Held Pipe Threading Machine 1/2" to 2" Threader Machine fits Ridgid 12R dies

PIPE THREADER MACHINE FITS RIDGID 12R DIESThe MexX Power Portable Threader is a Powerful Hand Held Power drive designed for Threading 1/2″ – 2″ pipe and is Ideal for On-Site Gas Pipe Applications. It is equipped with 11-R Die Heads and Alloy Dies. Th..


Mexx Power 42575 Model 32 Transporter for 300 Pipe Threading Machine

42575 MODEL 32 TRANSPORTER FITS RIGID 300 PIPE THREADING MACHINE| PIPE THREADERAre you tired of lugging around your model 300 pipe threading machine from job to job? Do you wish an easier way to move that awkward machine alone? Introducing the MexX P..


Mexx Power 916 Roll Groover 45007 Fits Ridgid 300 Pipe Threader Threading Machine 1-1/4" To 6"

RIDGID ROLL GROOVER 916 | ROLL GROOVERThe MexX Power Power Driven Ridgid Roll Groover 916 is Portable, Durable, and Lightweight. The Premium Cast Iron body will last for many years of service in the harshest environments and the single stroke feed le..


MexX Power 918 Pipe Roll Groover 2" to 12". 48297 Grooving Machine. Compatible with Ridgid 300 Threader.

ROLL GROOVING | RIDGID ROLL GROOVER 918The MexX Power Model Ridgid Roll Groover 918,  a powerful, ergonomic 15-ton hydraulic ram in a compact, easy to transport unit. The MexX Power 918 mounts quickly to a MexX power Model 300 Power Drive and ca..


Pipe Threading Machine 1/2"-2"  Pipe Threading Machine 1/2"-2"  Sale
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6% off

Pipe Threading Machine 1/2"-2"

PIPE THREADING MACHINE | RIDGID PIPE THREADERThe Mexx Power MEX50-C Ridgid Pipe Threader is a compact, high-performance pipe threading machine that will thread, cut, and ream up to the 2-inch pipe. This Pipe Threading Machine comes with a Mexx Power ..


Ridgid Style 300 Threading Machine 1/2"-2" Complete Pipe Threader 15682 Ridgid Style 300 Threading Machine 1/2"-2" Complete Pipe Threader 15682 Sale
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10% off

Ridgid Style 300 Threading Machine 1/2"-2" Complete Pipe Threader 15682

PIPE THREADING MACHINE | PIPE THREADING MACHINE FOR SALEThe Mexx Power 300 TYPE II Pipe Threading Machine is delivered completely equipped and ready to cut, thread, and ream pipe from 1/2-inch to 2-inches in diameter. This deluxe package includes Mex..


V-Head Pipe Stand Support adjustable 28-52" fits SUMNER Pack-Jack VJ-99

PIPE STANDS | RIDGID PIPE STANDThe heavy-duty adjustable pipe stands are available in varying configurations with capacity from 1/8"-12" (3 mm-300 mm); suitable for use with threading machine, roll groovers, etc.The Quick-Lock Washer is made for fast..


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