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Roll Grooving

Roll Grooving
RIDGID ROLL GROOVER 916 | ROLL GROOVERThe MexX Power Power Driven Ridgid Roll Groover 916 is Portable, Durable, and Lightweight. The Premium Cast Iron body will last for many years of service in the harshest environments and the single stroke feed lever allows the user to create accurate grooves.Mex..
Mexx Power 975 Manual Roll Groover 25638 fits RIDGID 300The Mexx Power Pipe 975 manual roll groover comes with the 1-1/4" - 6". Easily mount on a RIDGID® 300 machine for quick grooves for your couplers.Specification:Standard Equipment Pipe Capacity: 1-1/4" - 6"Manual roll groover for in-place field ..
ROLL GROOVING | RIDGID ROLL GROOVER 918The MexX Power Model Ridgid Roll Groover 918,  a powerful, ergonomic 15-ton hydraulic ram in a compact, easy to transport unit. The MexX Power 918 mounts quickly to a MexX power Model 300 Power Drive and can be adapted to fit RIDGID® 535, 1822, or 1224 pip..
MexX Power 2 " - 6" inch Roll Set 51432 & 49217 for 918 Roll GrooverMexX Power 2"inch - 6"inch Schedule 10/40 Roll Set for MEX / RIDGID ® 918 Roll GrooverIncludes Drive Shaft w/integral Drive Roll for 2"-6" Schedule 40 PipeGroove Roll for 2"-6" Schedule 40 PipeIncludes lower shaft and upper wheelRep..
MexX Power 8in.-12in. Roll Set 51817 & 51882 for 918 Roll GrooverMexX Power 48405 Drive Shaft w/integral Drive Roll and Groove Roll Set for 8" Schedule 40 Pipe and 10-12" Schedule 10 PipeIncludes lower shaft and upper wheelReplaces RIDGID® part number # 48405 without carrying case..
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